Placing a notebook in condo caused a crash

I placed a notebook in my condo and it caused a fatal error in the game and crashed immediately. When launching the game again, the same fatal error occurred and crashed the game for the next 4 or so attempts when I relaunched. I verified my game files and launched the game again, and that fixed the problem. I just visited my condo and the notebook is not placed and is in my inventory, and placing the notebook again does not crash me. I’m not sure why this happened or if it’s just a one-time thing, but I wanted to let y’all know that it happened. I looked for a crash log and couldn’t find one, but if there is one that can help let me know and I’ll provide it. I’ve been here since Gmod tower lobby 1 and I love seeing all the changes and upgrades that have happened since GMT.

Thanks, and good luck!

  • a_birb
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