Placeable inventory items that can then be picked up and used by visitors

Currently, if you want to make a condo that necessitates the use of a certain item, and you have a visitor that doesn’t have that item yet, there isn’t really anything you can do about it besides telling them to go home.

My suggestion is to have your equippable/usable items in your inventory (guns, toys, tools, ridables, etc.) work as placeable items in your condo, and to then have other players then be able to pick up and use those items. This would be really useful for condos that center around the use of an item. The item would remain on the map even after being picked up so that other visitors can continue to pick up the item infinitely. It wouldn’t be permanent, wouldn’t be added to the visitor’s inventory, it would just be temporarily given to you during your visit (after you pick it up) and removed when you leave (or respawn, maybe.)

For example, if someone were to make a rocket-jumping course as their condo, they could place the Fireworks Launcher at the start, allowing players that haven’t unlocked it yet to pick one up and participate. Or, someone building a PVP arena as their condo would be able to grant the visitors a few weapons, just in case they haven’t unlocked any yet. A player building a Ball Race-style course as their condo would be able to set a ball rideable out, allowing anyone to play the course, not just people who already have the ball unlocked.

The host placing down the item would need to have the item unlocked to place it, but visitors picking wouldn’t in order to use it. You could think of it like borrowing an item from the host, only the item can be borrowed by any number of players in the condo.

This kind of idea might work well as a Condo IO volume, too, like “give all players in this space the RC Plane”, or “block use of/take away borrowed Crossbows while in this area”, etc. Having this implemented in either form would make building themed gameplay condos a lot more inviting.