Placeable Halloween Treats

When playing the new Trick-or-Treat passive minigame I was kinda disappointed to learn that it only gives Holdable treats. I think there should be Condo versions of these same treats for players to place (on snack tables, in the All-Knowing-Pufferfish’s mouth, in bowls, etc). These could either be made available at Fresh or drop from the same Candy Buckets in the Trick-or-Treat event.

I can understand the Ice Cream not getting condo versions yet since those would probably be sold at Freezing-Point.

More placeable equippables are planned. You can currently place the tiny potion in your condo, so I’m sure you’ll be able to place candy in the future.


Bruh I didn’t even know you could place the Tiny Potion lmao. I hope we get more placeable equips soon.