Placeable equipables

Make it so you can place items that you equip/wear like furniture. I am making the stores in my resort sell holiday items like Halloween and Christmas items and it’d be great to place the snowballs down on the counter to make it seem like it’s being sold.

Were potions placeable in GMT? I think so

I was thinking the same thing!

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i thought about this on a long walk to college one day and forgot to write it down, since it needs to be done (like a item that displays weapons or something) it will be really useful.

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Place down flying turtles/potato guns when they are opened from the gold catsack

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Wow xD! I was expecting people to think it was a stupid idea lol. It’s small and it should be a feature later implemented.

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This is something I’ve wanted for a while as well. At the moment there is zero reason to have duplicates, but being able to place all your bubble/potato/holiday guns would give some sort of purpose for having more than one of each.

You could take it a step further and allow NPC’s to equip your duplicates. This could create some funny scenes where you have an NPC throwing knives at a dart board or an NPC just blowing bubbles outside in your condo.