PIXELTAIL are we going to get the nightclub with lobby 3?


just a reminder that the roblox version of tower unite has a better working nightclub than actual tower unite


That Roblox one is a copy of GMT’s nightclub, with my UI taken too. Tower Unite will have a better night club all in due time.


Also a reminder that the roblox version is just a really bad copy of a great game.


yea right i bet you’d code a day club for tennis shoes not no NIGHT CLUB


i love how theyre getting away with using tower unite sounds (without permission?) btw


If it’s GMT sounds then they might be able to get away with it, but using TU sounds is against the EULA iirc (restrictions on use section?). Could be used as something against it. (I know this is a volatile subject, I just hate that game because the Roblox game has microtransactions and are most likely making money off of it because Roblox offers a Robux>USD conversion)


That’s not just against EULA, it violates copyright law completely. All our sound effects in TU are either created by us or licensed for TU.