PIXELTAIL are we going to get the nightclub with lobby 3?


Its literally the only thing keeping me from just being in the plaza lol


Nightclub is still a feature in Lobby 3.


Pretty sure he means if the nightclub will launch with lobby 3.


I really want nightclub to be a huge feature (down the road) because it’s such a great social aspect in any game.


There’s been some progress with it. Recently I’ve been finishing up FMod support for the game, so we can have reactive Soundcloud. It’s a key feature for the nightclub.


I see that FMod term thrown around in a lot of games I play. What actually is it? I’ve never known.


It’s an audio engine. It’s very useful as it has streaming and FFT support (FFT is an algorithm that you can parse to make visualisers).


Ah, cool.


My original question meant: “Is nightclub going to launch with lobby 3?”
If it is im hella hyped.


what genre of music will be played in the nightclub everyweekend another genre?


it’ll probably be a thing where you’ll put in your own music, like in the theater or condos.


Yes the nightclub would be SoundCloud enabled.


ok, so troll music can be played there ?

i thought the devs would just put dance music in there


I’m hoping it’s a continous stream of pre-selected nigthclub music, and songs can be voted on for the next one or whatever.


That’s exactly how Gmod Tower worked and it was amazing.


We wouldn’t just put dance music in there, we’d have to license a bunch of songs and then you’d be limited to whatever we decided.

SoundCloud is the best option because you can play all sorts of songs and support musicians by doing it.

GMod Tower had similar support.


Would Nightclub be available with Lobby 3’s Launch or would it come afterwards? Either way its cool but I’ve been waiting for ages to do the Nightclub.


Visualizers… Does this mean rave ball?


This is what im asking but seems like macdguy is just avoiding the question.


I don’t have a definitive answer about it yet, only that progress has been made on it. We will be making an effort to get it out.