#PixelTail, A safe space to talk about Tower Unite and other PixelTail games!

UPDATE: Made a new topic since the IRC room has switched servers.

So since the Indiegogo is funded now, and that we have a shiny new forum to muck about in, it got me thinking that the old GMT Skype chat can use a new, fresh home as well. And let’s be honest here: Skype is stupid.

SO, I’ve decided to create a new IRC room that I hope will replace the Skype chat of old within the next few months or so. It’s the unofficially official IRC room for all things Pixeltail! Come in here if you don’t want to wait for posts to appear on the forums and want to have a nice, quick chat with the community!

##CHAT RULES (so far):

  • No slurs, racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia (THIS IS A KICKABLE/BANNABLE OFFENSE)
  • No NSFW stuff, keep it clean, folks
  • No excessive curse words (curse words are still allowed, though)
  • Don’t flood with repeated messages


What the heck is IRC? It’s a really old chat system that’s simple, stable, and works well for chatting with others quickly! (Plus it doesn’t have NSA backdoors like Skype does.)

Here’s a quick description of the synIRC network:

synIRC strives to provide a free, safe, stable, and secure environment for internet relay chat (IRC) with minimal negative intrusion or impact from network staff.

If someone acts like a BIG jerk in the chat, what happens? This chat is a safe space. We do not tolerate any incessant jerkiness in here. Jerkiness will be followed by a kick, and a temporary ban if it keeps up.

Do you guys give people permissions over time? If we trust you, and if you’ve been talking in the chat regularly for a while, then yes, you will eventually get voice, and maybe even op or half-op if you play your cards right.

Do you guys have a chatbot or something? Yep! We have Brobot, a bot that can log IRC chats, search Google and YouTube, send messages for offline people to see when they get on, and so much more! Ask a mod in the chat for more details.

Will developers pop in the chat from time to time? It’s doubtful, as the developers don’t currently condone any official IRC chats, and that they also a) prefer using Skype and b) are currently busy working on Tower Unite.

Isn’t there another IRC chat dealing with TU? Yes, but I’d rather not talk about it since I don’t really appreciate the people who chat in it. (Long story. I’d rather not talk about it.)

How do I join the chat?

Or if you have an external client like HexChat, you can use this info to connect:
SERVER: irc.synirc.net
ROOM: #pixeltail