Pitch me a sitcom

  • Boring ass backstory

As you know I am Mr.Vulture Socks, CEO of uh… Vulture Broadcasting? Yeah sure I’m going with that. My company Vulture Broadcasting has been the home to a revolution of entertainment for the past 69 years. The network has it all ranging from saturday night game shows for the family to after school anime rerun blocks for the weeaboos.

But those rotten stooges over at Jenkins TV have threw a curveball in the TV network game, They’ve only gone and landed a hit show. They call it “Mamily Fatters” and its kickstarted a new genre called the “Sitcom” every network has a sitcom EXCEPT OURS.

Heres the deal, they might have actors who play villians in childrens cartoons and all that rubbish but they don’t have our secret weapon… YOU. Winner of over 420 Oskur Awards and hundreds of Bathtur awards.

You’re the best in the game so get down and pitch me a god damn sitcom! With catchphrases and laugh tracks.

~ Vulture Socks, Vulture Broadcasting
“The only thing bigger than our viewing figures is our ego!”

An outgoing asexual and a shy pansexual move in together as roommates.

The show is called All or Nothing.



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A budding spaghetti connoisseur moves back in with his family, only to discover that his parents had rented his room out to Steve Buscemi. The show would be called Buscemi and the Leased.

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Here’s this great idea I’ve been working on.

A show about nothing!

Eh Eh?


A feminazi and a PC master race live together in Japan. Everyday is a cringefest

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A crack team of forum moderators who started back in the day as trolls on the same forum but grew to love it and wanted to defend it. Also, they’re contract killers. It’s called “Thread’s Dead”.

(Edit: If someone actually wants to make “All or Nothing”, get me involved. I want to play the shy pan.)

i was gonna make fun of you for bumping but then i remembered what i did not too long ago

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A rabid dog keeps bumping threads and is wanted by the CIA.

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