I’m not sure how much work it’d be to create a realistic pinball machine, but wouldn’t it be kinda cool to have a pinball machine in your condo? I figure if you go to the arcade it’ll cost 1 unit per game, but if you buy the machine for your condo you get to play for free.

Alternatively, you could create a modded version of ball race that’s basically human pinball. Or even just one ball race stage where you have to bounce on bumpers to make it to the top of a gentle incline. (Or the inverse, a plinko stage, would be cool too…)


YES PLEASE! I’d love this! Maybe just a little machine we can place in our condos! I’d love that! @macdguy!

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This does sound like an awesome idea! I believe Skeeball has already been confirmed as a thing, and the games aren’t that drastically different from a mechanics point of view. That “free” play pinball machine’s gonna be expensive though haha!

Haha. I think that if they had it where 100 GMC (Or whatever the currency is)=1 USD, then It would be 25 GMC to play a round! (an equivalent of 25 cents)

It’s units now, but yeah, 1 a game seems low. Maybe something like one average game of, say, ball race gets you about 10 games? I don’t know what the scale is, but balancing it is probably best left to the devs.

Well…Then you have to think to yourself…What about the people who want to play pinball but don’t want to play Ball Race? I think it should have a Units price. That’d be cool if you had one at your condo (expensive though) but if people used your machine, you could collect the money people put into it. Just a thought. :wink:


I made a thread about GMC conversion about a year ago, you should [check it out][1]!

EDIT: Just did the math with more up to date numbers, turns out that
as of July 25, 2015:

  • 1,374.45 US Dollars is worth 1 GMC.
  • 879.65 British Pounds Sterling is worth 1 GMC
  • 1250.75 Euros is worth 1 GMC

Good thing that premium currency isn’t a thing

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This is an awesome idea!



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I would like to have pinball in my condo, so please make it happen!


I absolutely love pinball.

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i find pinball kinda annoying but i would love it to be in TU and i would play it

I’m a pinball lover. Upvote!