PhysX/APEX Capability

For Example

  • You could have the fountain have the PhysX/APEX water
  • The Tower Unite flags could dynamically move depending on wind (you could set these properties up when controlling the server)
  • The pool in your condo could PhysX water (although that may require some networking (if other players can goto your condo), and I don’t know how hard that would be in terms of PhysX)
  • PhysX could be used in many minigames (e.g. tower dectruction).

You need a NVIDIA card for PhysX right? Well, not really.

It’s compatible. Here is a demo of PhysX, that i’ve run before, guess what, on an AMD card. Although the demo is old, it’s still PhysX :smiley: . Also, you may want to know some essential controls before you play the demo (otherwise you’ll be key mashing like I did):

Change Level: L
Spawn More Water: Space
Look Around: LMB + Mouse
Zoom in/out: RMB + Move Mouse Up/Down

Although there is no AMD compatability for this much better demo, if you have NVIDIA, try this, it’s awesome (although your graphics card needs to be pretty beefy).

EDIT: Here are some gifs for you for the much better demo :smile:

I’m not familiar with permissions, but don’t you need to request the use of PhysX from Nvidia if you want to use it for monetary purposes?

Nope, developers can download the PhysX SDK for free. You only have to pay if you want to actually tweak PhysX itself.

That’s pretty neat.
The only thing I could see working in Tower is the flag/cloth physics for the banners that hang all around the tower.

Having minigames that exclusively use PhysX would be fun, but I don’t think it would really work considering how many players wouldn’t be able to run it at a decent framerate, let alone simulate the physics at all.

Although the demo runs extremely well on my end, it’s important to consider the fact that there is very little going on besides the physics simulations. In an actual game scenario, I could imagine the game could be difficult to run with acceptable framerates.

Honestly, most games that utilize PhysX suffer from serious performance impacts when PhysX is enabled.
Borderlands 2 (and the Presequel) run fine until PhysX kicks in. Generally framerates go from ~100 (physx off) to 30-40 (on).
Batman: Origins will run fine until I activate Batman’s electro-shock gloves which emit PhysX smoke.

I kinda hope those are just badly optimized (I think Borderlands probably is) uses of PhysX, but I cannot actually recall a game that utilizes PhysX well enough that the game would not hitch or drop frames.

While really cool, the applications for PhysX in tower is very minimal. It’s not possible to network that kind of physics interaction and like @cold_finger said, we would have a lot more going on than just the physics. It would greatly effect the FPS.

Just simulating flags would also negatively impact FPS. We actually use the material system in unreal to simulate flag movement and it looks really nice and believable with very miniscule FPS impact.

With that said I do hope someone would make a really fun game with it once we all get titans and PhysX cards.

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Oh ok :smiley: , it’s nice to have some clarification on PhysX. I can understand why it’s a bad desicion now.

Hahaha, I hope so aswell.