Physical Soundtrack

Since you are going to release the soundtrack when the game comes out, I was wondering if you were going to release a cd. Maybe even a vinyl.

There was digital version as a perk on Kickstarter campain. Physical version? Nice idea, but I don`t know if there would be many “customers”.

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While this is a nice idea in theory. There are too many negatives in my opinion. Most people listen to music digitally nowadays and I would imagine that it would be quite expensive to print physical discs and I don’t think PixelTail has the budget available to facilitate full scale disc production, not to mention, it would take money away from development of the game.

They also cancelled the physical merchandise that was originally offered with the failed kickstarter because of budget constraints.

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I miss my autographed physical one I would have gotten as a reward for kickstarter. Been hoping they would announce something similar in the future

You know, if you run into dongle in starbucks or something I’m pretty sure he’d be all for signing the album. Making one yourself isn’t hard, but finding dongle and the starbucks he visits every so often is.

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