Photoshop Requests

Give me requests and I will try and do them! I like doing face swaps/copys and making things look nice

(Im using because PS costs loads)

##How to Request:

  1. Photo you want to be edited
  2. What you want done
  3. Any filters/effects you want added (Ink outline, Pencil drawing etc)

Some that I did a while back:

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Do whatever you want with this picture

Here you go. Was going to do some NSFW… but I dont want to be staring at that for 20 minutes

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:fearful: Can’t unsee :fearful:

How long did that take you?

Only 20 minutes… :slight_smile:

EDIT: The eyes kind of fucked up though which looking at it now is super annoying me

I’m going to use it as my profile background picture.

Awww :3

I just need to crop it so it will fit.

edit: done


Do… Something with this haha

As said its a lot easyer to make something if you say what you want… “Something”, doesn’t help

Do you do things other than creepy warps/faceswaps?

Like I do also make desktops for 1-3 screens