Photoshop| My first run!

Hey guys! Yesterday, I wanted to try out Photoshop since I got into it after watching a few random videos about it. I downloaded the trail, and began my art. (I was a master at MSpaint when I was younger…what could go wrong!?)
Here are the steps I did to create my picture of Katz!
1| I had to find a picture of Sonic The Hedgehog on the internet since Katz looks the same (in my opinion).
2| I started taking away his spikes and stuff that a cartoon cat would not have.
2 1/2| I started adding stuff a cartoon cat would have.
3| I drew on some new Knee Pads and Shoes.
4| I drew his Cloak-looking-thing.
5| Drew bad shadows and details.
6| about 5+ hours later.
7| Tada~~ Masked Katz

Yeah, I know, It is very bad. But hey, it is good for a first try (right…?)
Also, sorry about the heavy cloth-looking texture… I tried to make it as non-messy as I could.

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Nice job for your first time, although it’s a little to much Sonic for me. YEAH FAST!

Loved the picture, although it was 2 fast 4 me.

Good effort. Fast.