I think it’d be really cool to have a “TowerPhone” or something like that for communication. Including in-game social network type things to message players if they are or aren’t at your condo or your server etc. Also to create groups for Tower Unite by itself.

I am very excited for Tower Unite and what it will bring to the community! Keep doing what you’re doing, PixelTail! I LOVE TOWER!


That’s actually a great idea. It would be awesome if they made it so when your frinds invite you to a game, it pops up on your phone, and you can either join, ignore or block from there. I actually have a few more suggetions for phones.


  • You can set your own ringtone using specified audio files you put in a directory.
  • If you have any defualt ringtone, other players can hear it.
  • You start off with some terrible flip phone, then you can buy better phones with more functionality.
  • You can pick a plan for your phone, paying either monthly bills or everytime you make a phonecall.
  • You can call people if you have a mic, and have a voice chat/call.
  • If you don’t pay up for your plan, you can’t call/text people and you can’t go on the internet on your phone.
  • There’s an internet app which lets you buy furnature ect. wherever you are, but you have to wait for shipping.
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I love those ideas. I’ve always liked the cellphone mechanic in games, like in Saints Row or GTA, even when it’s only an aesthetic matter

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Oh, and yes, the ability to take selfies :smile:


Or if you have a custom ringtone, it plays a default one for other players.
Quote credit to SirParadox.

Yo I think that there should be lots of different types of phones like a smart phone, a slide phone, a flip phone, a 1980s cellphone, a lobby pay phone, a rotary phone, a crank phone, and more.


Brilliant. That would be amazing.

I completely approve. It’s been integrated well into games like GTA:V and I think it’d be a perfect fit for Tower as well.

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My prototype :

EDIT : I really like that iPhone remake.

@SirParadox I got same idea with internet shopping but i get reply from player and thing about this.

This would defeat the purpose of going to the well designed physical stores though. Something quite similiar has been suggested, and was not supported because of said defeat of going to the stores.

Do you got it?

I think this could be a cool way to access the UI instead of having random menus.

On the model of phone, apple would sue the ass off PTG if they used an iPhone that blatant of a ripoff (Not to mention iPhones are ugly and awful phones :smiley: ) I think the phones from Lt Commanders Mobile Computing Pack would work a lot better

(Link to workshop page)

They look slicker, comes with a custom OS and I’m sure we could buy the right to use the phone and tablet(s) (or maybe he’d be willing to let us for free, idk)

It would definitely be a more interesting way to tie all the menus and chat and whatnot together!

Really, if PTG is making a whole new amazing game that has been over half-way funded in just 6 days, I think they can make their own unique models.

But we as a community can always influence them, of course.

I’d rather have them buy the models off LT for a few hundred and let them spend more time on integration (plus I really like the model and look of the OS and sketched icons)

Either way I know if they do this it’ll turn out good!

Oh my gosh, my idea was added to the $70K vote!!!


If this wins, this really needs to be an option (but in a generic brand of course)


That phones is so 1990.

I voted for this. I just hope they take a lot more advantage of it than what it looks like they want to do with the phone (I don’t think I’d ever use the call feature, and rarely use the photo feature)