Pets in Face...Still

Its been 3-4 patches and I still get the flying pets, golden melons, and fish friends in my face even though I have first person legs disabled. By this point I’m assuming that it’s my client side that’s having the problem.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still didn’t work. I’ve tried deleting the settings files and anything I could find to reset everything to default, didn’t work. Feels like half of my settings don’t stick to what they should even though I apply them every time.

Every time I log into the lobby I usually have to go to my settings and set a few of them to what I want (day/night cycle in plaza) and I always have to go to my appearance and refresh it so they show up on my side. I don’t know if these are similar problems or if this happens to anyone else.

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This is a known long standing issue that I’m going to be tackling again soon, it’s not something on your end, I’ve experienced it before as well.


Ah ok thanks, good to know that I’m not the only one having this issue.

I don’t know if this helps/is already known, but this seems to happen when entering a different area of the map (that would cause location in the HUD/players list to change).

(also, there’s a LC bite sound at the very end because I forgot to clear the project time line, just a warning)