Pets bug

so i’ve had this game for almost 3 years, ish. But i’ve had my ghost pets on since like 2017. Today when i shuffled my pets around I could only put one of each pet in the slots, and to fix this I had to sacrifice my weapon slots to put pets in it. Alot of my friiends also are having this bug

I don’t know what update made this happen, but I think it’s when the orbiting sun pet got released.

This is a known issue. I’m not sure when it will be fixed though

for now switch your weapons and wearable hot bars

put your weapons on your wearable (you can still use the weapons even if they are in wearables)
then put pets in the weapons and for some reason you can put multiple pets in the weapons hotbar
it mostly is the exact same and there will be no issues and you will be able to have multiple pets

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Bro MVP xoxo

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