Petition to give Spriteclad moderation rights again

Posted in Meta because it concerns the forums. If you move it, please let me know your reasoning behind it.

@Spriteclad is a great member of this community, but his moderation rights were stripped due to concerns about seeing users’s emails whilst granted moderator status.

Now that @Caboose700 has been given moderation rights, we should be able to assume that this is no longer an issue, and has been potentially fixed.
With that in mind, I’d like to petition to @macdguy and the rest of the PixelTail team, to allow @Spriteclad to once again be a community helper.

I’d like to stress that this is obviously a decision ultimately down to the staff, but it’s something I felt needs must be looked over. @Spriteclad did a great job during his time as a community helper.


i know the name
but i didn’t notice

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There was a good reason he lost his moderation.

As an additional note, we always carefully hand pick our moderators. We know who fits right for us and for our community.


From all I knew it was because moderators could see users’ emails. Are you saying it was something more than that?

He didn’t work out with us, that’s the end of it.