Petition for workshop emotes

why trouble the dev’s with making every emote when we can do it ourselves. imagine every dance move possible being made by the community and not just dancing but also so many meme emotes, like cactus pose, alphabet themed poses, chair sitting emote so you can finally let your legs dangle from edges, laying on your stomach hands on your head day dreaming of what to make later, waving, beckoning, and so much more only limited by the max frame size if one is given.

TLDR: please add workshop emotes, it would be frickin sweet.

Things like this have been proposed before and I think it is not possible without some extensive modifications to how UE4 deals with animations (the usual tendency to hard-code for optimisation).

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And plus, there would of course be rather… questionable emotes that I think a lot of us would not like to see.


you do know the report button is a thing. Whats stopping someone from doing uploading nsfw models by you’re logic. if there are guidelines in place like with models i see no reason a similar approach can’t work for emotes. and what’s to gain from putting said questionable emotes, a workshop ban? it’s stupid to even think about doing something like that, “er i’m a put on a naughty emote” and then be suprised when you’re banned the next day come on it’s a stupid idea and only idiots would attempt to make nsfw emotes, on the workshop.

i did not mean to come off as angered, if i do seem like that. i just want this in the game and i just tried a little to hard in the argument i usually get like this when with friends but i’m trying to get out of my shell with petitions to see what different sides of the community are like and differing view points along with my own.

Emotes seem like they would be harder to moderate than models.

true but if we band together it could be great and pull in a lot of new players.