I recently donated 25$ for the audio perk and I have been trying out the alpha and I have a quick question. I have intel graphics HD 3000 and I was wondering if their is a way to increase FPS or if I am screwed because the graphics are just too advanced for my computer?

Have you tried running on the lowest settings you can?

While there is performance optimizations still needed, this is 0.0.2 remember, a Intel Graphics HD 3000 isn’t a really powerful GPU to begin with.

yes I am turned all the graphics to the lowest settings. I have also tweaked the computers settings to improve fps. I have raised it a lot ,but it is still slow but playable now. Hopefully when the game comes out it will be more optimized for even better performance.

Honestly though, don’t get your hopes up to high with your Integrated GPU. Your really going to want to get a Discrete Graphics Card.

My computer is a gateway DX4870 so what would you recommend graphics card wise? Edit: Forgot to mention it is the 6GB Ram Model with a I3. Also my friend tried to put a new card in that was slightly better ,but for some reason when he turned it back on he to install drivers it would stay on the gateway start up image. So any card may not work on it. The card btw was a AMD.

The game doesn’t support Intel Graphics.

Turn resolution scaling down, set your resolution to lowest, have the game run fullscreened.

it woks though lol.

thanks for the tip on resolution down scaling. I turned it down to 50. It now runs at about 30 fps.