Performance issues using rx 6500xt?

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

use a rx 6500xt

What I expected to happen

random but frequent times were my fps drops, freezing my screen for a frame

What happened

the first time i played it was running fine, but since then it hasn’t

Notes / Media

i have tried configuring my launch options etc, im not sure if its a problem my end or towers

I have seen periodic drops in frame rate in, say, my condo. Could you record a video of it happening? We may be talking about the same thing.

Relatedly, I recently came across this and I wonder if this is the actual problem at play for you, related to AMD Ryzen CPUs (if you happen to have one of those): AMD Ryzen’s fTPM stuttering issues will be fixed in May

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I had a look at what you linked; its pretty much what happened, kinda sucks that its happening

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