Per-user volume control in condos

I’m surprised I didn’t see this when I searched.
Some people have their gain up way too high, and other have their mics too far away. It would be awesome if, when viewing the users in the current condo, there were a small slider (or drop-down?) to set the playback volume for a given user’s mic.

My expectation would be that:
-only applicable in a condo
-on remembers until either you or the other user leaves the condo (must be set again upon returning)

Why only in a condo?

There’s been plenty of times I’m in the plaza and some dude at the fountain is being waaaay too loud for his own good, and he’s not bothersome except for his volume. There’s also times when I’m playing Ballrace and one spectator is a full ten decibels louder than everyone else. I would love to see this everywhere.