Payouts Suggestions

As the title says, this suggestion is aimed to improve the payout system by adding or modifying/removing already existing payouts.

Add / Modify

“1st Place” Complete all 18 holes with the lowest score. (Requires 4+ players to be in the session.) [Payout: Very High]
“2nd Place” Complete all 18 holes with the second lowest score. (Requires 4+ players to be in the session.) [Payout: High]
“3rd Place” Complete all 18 holes with the third lowest score. (Requires 4+ players to be in the session.) [Payout: Medium]

"Beat a Level (Hard)" Complete any level on a hard difficulty. (Memories, Midori) [Payout: Medium]
"Beat a Level (Medium)" Complete any level on a medium difficulty. (Nimbus) [Payout: Low]
"Beat a Level (Easy)" Complete any level on a easy difficulty. (Paradise) [Payout: Very Low]

“Longest Time Survived” Although you couldn’t escape the infection, you did put up a fight. [Payout: Determined by how long the player survived the round before turning infected.]
“Infected # of Victims” You passed on the infection to another victim. [Payout: Determined by how many players were infected by you during the round.]
"Gotcha" You successfully turned the last survivor into an infected. [Payout: High]
"First Infected" You are the first infected! [Payout: High (Currently it’s very low.)]


“1st Place” This award is given out to a player who got the most kills in a round. This is as actual issue because it disrupts the teamwork aspect of the game. Effectively making a competition between survivors instead of encouraging them to work together. Simply just surviving the round should be something the survivors focus on. Instead of the player getting mad when someone stole their kill.


Minigolf is already a bit of a money printer as is. Virus could definitely use some more payouts. The ones you’re suggesting sound like a good idea to me.


These are some good ideas but for Minigolf they need to fix the bug where people join and have no score at like the 16th hole first.


I mean I really don’t know how you fix that. You either give them a whole bunch of pars, but then they could be half way up the boards in some games, or something like a lot of bogeys and they have no chance of winning.

I think the better solution is just not letting people join a game past the first couple holes.

On topic, like it was said above, mini-golf is already the equivalent of robbing the tower treasury, so I’d think it doesn’t much need any more pay

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Eh, the people who joined late could be really bad at the holes they skipped and good at the rest, so it wouldn’t really be a fair judgement IMO. Leaving the holes they skipped blank and making the late joiners not qualify for the winning bonus would be fair enough.

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Yeah, but if they simply aren’t allowed to join a game that’s multiple holes in, and instead are qued for a different server that is in the beginning, everyone wins.

The joiner gets to have the full game and chance of winning.

The players don’t have to loose to a score that’s impossible to beat

And the Devs can not have to code the rules for not having to void the ability of joiner to win and start with blank scores and all that which seems a lot more complicated than “if server is over hole 3 then disable joining”

I really wanted to a make topic like this and I’m glad someone else did!
However, I have some more ideas -

A payout for the first infected (especially if the infected win). It make people want to try harder as first infected.

Maybe a 25 units payout for completing the map? If you don’t make it first, second, third and you don’t finish with all lives, you get paid 25 units which is the same as if you didn’t complete the map (thanks for playing bonus). Obviously melons will give you money if you’re the last collecting them all but I think it’d be nice for a small bonus for at least completing it.

I know it’s a big payout already but I think if you’re the first person to get it in, you should get a little bonus- maybe 10 units? It could add more competitiveness to the courses.

I agree with the suggested Virus additions though I actually like the First place reward since it makes everyone actually want to hunt down the infected and kill them. :relieved:

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That’s already in-game, but it’s super unforgivably low.

Added to the OP, however I made a little twist to it.

This isn’t necessary. Minigolf isn’t a race, it’s about who can get the lowest score.

Updated OP, added some stuff for ballrace.