Pay 5000 units for a 10 minute AFK break for the slots

Or some other number of units, of course.

I find 5000 units too expensive and 10 minutes too long, maybe 1 minute per 100 units (or expensive-ish-er?)

It would probably keep on charging you until you press a button to stop it

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Or you can preset how many minutes you want to be AFK for. There should be a limit of 10 minutes.

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I don’t really like this. You couldn’t just walk away from a real slot and be like “BRB NO TAKESIES”, so it’s not really fair to hold up a machine somebody else might want to participate on simply by “buying time”. I feel like that kind of goes against everything the devs believe in in terms of free to play/pay to win/microtransactions.


Pay to stay afk on a machine in the casino.
Well first i’d like to say Are you out of your shitting mind?
Joke aside there are a few ways this can go horribly wrong.

First there is the fact that this will quickly end up hogging alot of machines, especially if the price to stay afk is set too low.

Then there is also the fact how you can literally ensure that you wont risk losing a 30 million unit jackpot just because you gotta go to sleep or eat or something like that.

Just like Br0chure said, it’s essentially like being in Las Vegas and playing on a slotmachine that if you were to get the jackpot you would be set for life, and suddenly you gotta use the bathroom and you basically saying “Yo guys noh take-sies while i use the bathroom”.

It just dosen’t make any kind of sense at all.


This promotes exactly what the anti afk timer is there for.
Don’t go on a slot machine expecting to win in a few spins.