PatrykPL24 Blender render megathread

Here, i will post renders that i made in blender

i’m really proud of this one


This one would look ALOT better if made in cycles, but this model isn’t mine, and it was made in “blender internal” and i have no idea how to port it to “Cycles”
but still i will use this as my phone wallpaper

for the love of god make everything in one thread

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But i have 1 thread for (almost) everything

one for WIP’s of models

one for SFM

and this is one for blender renders

how about you combine the blender renders and the w.i.p. models because they are pretty much the same

It were meant to be 4K but nope :disappointed:

still looks kewl :sunglasses:

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For those who follow my WIP thread, will know that i’m modelling FNaF1 endoskeleton

Ive made filler of him

This is made of unrigged model

This is a bad thing.

Then why feel the need to present it.

You also still haven’t answered why catsack wasn’t possible to be rendered in 4K.

1, but I’m not saying that i don’t want to show
2, it wad sad face, not catsack
3, i had no time to render it

Oh wow, had I accidentally scrolled up just a little I wouldn’t have mixed up the motives. My bad.

Well I can’t help with a lack of time.

Looking forward to more blender from you then!


Eyy, finished it’s render :slight_smile:

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