Party Boat Music, Actually Extended

If you don’t know, there is an easter egg where a party boat will cruise along the horizon of your condo. I won’t spoil how it occurs for the unknowing, but keep in mind how neat it is.

One of the best parts about it is it’s music. Dongle, AKA Will, Tower Unite’s sound designer/resident rad guy, has just uploaded the entire track from the boat on his SoundCloud. It’s called 2AM and it’s fucking fantastic.
This was just a little pseudo-PSA to inform users about it! I know people enjoyed the music of it and now it’s here in all it’s glory.


Here’s some art that looks A LOT like the album art but isn’t because I didn’t look at it before I actually posted it


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I saw this on his Soundcloud yesterday, but I didn’t have the chance to listen to it. Pretty neat!

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