Parkour Suit

Parkour in games is fun.
Parkour on everyone would be chaos. Thus an Item would need to be created.
My idea would be to add an equipable item called Parkour Suit
When equiped you can do rolls run a bit faster jump off walls, and cling to walls.
The reason this idea would work is that its (fun) good for people who dont like using the jetpack as much. Jetpack is not that fun… Just time saving…
If you could get the mechanics down to the point where they are perfect, a small gamemode would work really well with these.
I guess thats the end of my post. Not much in it I guess.


I like this idea. It’s nothing necessary, but I could see people tuning their condos for a micro parkour course. I think it would be a fun thing to add.

I’m going to have agree with this one. I find climbing up walls and doing neat tricks is better than just using my jetpack to get up there.

I love Parkour in games. If they could fine-tune it just right (and maybe add more items to the plaza to parkour on) I would love it. Probably would love it even if it wasn’t done well.

A game mode and condo courses would also be welcome.

My only thing to make this great is to make sure we can use our hands when free running. Grab ledges and pull up, that kinda stuff.

Goodbye jetpack. Good riddance.

Parkour? Check.
VR support? Check.
Different clothes to buy? Check.
Well, looks like the Plaza is the new Mirrors Edge. :wink:

I would love to see a parkour race mini-game in the tower. This may be the first step.


Yes please.

This would be so awesome. I used to freerun with some buddies of mine, so freerunning and parkour stuff really hits home for me.

I’m a big fan of games like Mirrors Edge and Dying Light. A parkour feature, Though a little odd, Would be pretty cool to have.

I love this idea!

I love this idea, but let’s think about it: the Plaza is DEFINITELY not designed for parkour. Not enough vertical wall space to make this a sensible feature to have. I think it would fit better in a parkour-related game world, and then possibly added as a milestone.

It world still be fun even without a hub designed for the suit. It just wouldent be up to its full potential.

I like the concept of another mode of transportation other than the Jetpack, Speed Shoes etc, and what better one to implement other than a way to parkour! Considering that the Plaza actually does have a few walls to climb and such, it won’t be completely useless there. I can see this becoming the most useful in condos, unless the Plaza map gets some other locations like on those far away islands by the beach on which to park our on.

If the parkour suit could be used in any game mode, I’d like to see it most in Slaughterday Night Live, where it can then be unlocked for outside use via a milestone.

In conclusion, the suit would just be another cool gadget to use off and on.