Paradise - 5:09.12

11/13 was too cringe :frowning:


Those skips are really impressive. Will you be doing the other maps any time soon?

I love how even before official release we’ve already got people speedrunning this game. It’s brilliant.


2 left :3

obviously i can still improve the other runs tho

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Where are my minigolf speedrunners?

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I guess Minigolf isn’t as obviously speedrun-able as BallRace is, but it can still be done. I’ve seen many useful angles that can get players through a course faster than normally: all it takes is some observing the environment and a lot of testing to get the right angles and the right power.

But hey, if Minigolf speedrunning doesn’t ever take off, at least we can still do trickshots off of walls, ramps, and bouncing off of the holes! There are more silly ways to get out of bounds in Minigolf than you might believe…

but seriously, a Minigolf speedrun would be amazing to watch

Sick minigolf hole skipping mechanics bruh! :video_game:

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i will drown in rng pls no

There is RNG involved? As far as I know, Minigolf just has cycles that you’d need to get on. Unless the physics is RNG, then I don’t think there is any.

if you can find a way to do plinko consistantly please show and I will consider it (or that dumb moving pipe map with the drums)

Hey snowi, we seem to have a similar name, anyway. You seem pretty good, i used to soeedrun with fallenangel and noubadi back in gmod tower, do you know them?

I dont recognize the names sorry, I mainly did dueling in gmt and a little bit of br.

Not sure on Plinko yet but in the moving pipe map with the drums, you turn the camera 90 degrees, face it straight down and zoom all the way out. Then you can see the pipe going back and forth and can time it. You need to be able to hit a straight shot into the hole though obviously still for your timing to be right. I do it pretty consistently though.

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Just as Impressive as the last time. I was really amazed at the skips you pulled of at the 4th and 6th level, I assume those actually took a bit of practice to get right.

Really curious to see what you’re going to pull of next. :smile:

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