Pair rhyme

Someone posts a sentence. You have to answer with a new sentence that rhymes and then come up with your sentence. The second sentence has to be related to your first one in some way.

Person 1:

I wish I had a friend

Person 2:

That isn’t my left hand.
Also not the right one.

Person 3:

I’m not asking for a ton.
Take a look at my finger tips.

Please continue from here.


I’m not putting them on my hips.
Oh, yeah, I’m a sassy person.

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I’m surprised my condition hasn’t worsen.
I think I see a guy by the dead-end street,

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I came down today to listen to his sick beats.
Rolling around at the speed of sound.


Got to follow my rainbow crowd.
Can’t you feel the sunshine.

It’s written ALL CAPS on the sign.
Why is he now following me?

Because you are the only way to set him free?
Don’t you feel like sometimes you need to run away?

I ran away my parents home when I was 4, so yay.
Now, lemme tell you the story on how I survived on my own.

That’s because Soflo’s wisdoms were unknown.
And no one was playing chess while he was playing checkers.

I know we will play again some time later.
Don’t fall apart, speak with your heart!

So no one you’ll hurt!
The pain would feel like a fall from heaven

Unless you had bet on number Thirty-Seven
But what would happen if you had no legs?

Does that imply that you are using Haaaax?
I believe that lag compensation might help.

But it doesn’t so you yelp!
Like at the sight of an orange

I’m squeakin these rhymes like my shed’s door hinge
You’re comin in last, hope you like silver

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To catch some fish, I went down to the river.

I only go there once a month.

But you’ve only been there only once.
To be or not to be, that is the question.

Unfortunately, the bear found he couldn’t count to one
Fortunately, bears don’t require math

However they don’t know how to set up a NAS.
1v1 in club penguin, anyone?

Your example doesn’t rhyme and neither do most of your replies.