Painting Gun

A Tool that is able to paint much like the Garrys Mod tool… But better, this could be used to create detailed areas, for example Blood for a horror themed condo… Thats all i can think of tbh

i think from what i remember, Unreal engine is good with a lot of things…
but decals (i think that is what its called) is one of the things it cant do that well
which means it is awkward to do this type stuff (same for the being sick from gmod tower).

i could be wrong, but i think that’s the issue with this idea.

You never know, Pixeltail could to it

i don’t see that happening, pixeltail are hellbent on making sure their game runs well and most game engines hate decals / splatters / etc. and unreal is no exception, especially with the graphical quality that the engine has.

it would take a ludicrous amount of vram to be able to use a decal tool to paint properly in unreal, and not everyone has a card with a lot of vram, and the last thing pixeltail wants is for you to walk into a condo and have your textures bug out / become blurry / or have the game outright crash because of a tool that isn’t needed

We have our own custom decal system, but we have to expose meshes to memory. It’s possible to do, though. We use it for Zombie Massacre.