[OVER] Rainbow Six Siege: Beta Code Giveaway

This giveaway is over.

The first request gets the code. You must:

  • Have a uPlay account.
  • Be over 18.
  • Be in the eligible countries (see below) for the beta.

I will PM you the code :slight_smile:

Sadly I don’t have a uPlay account, nor I play Rainbow Six games. It would be fun to play new BETA though, but I’d rather give it to someone who loves RBS games :relaxed:

Oh, ok :slight_smile:

-I have Uplay
-I am 18
-I am living in California

Now, what must I do to obtain such a rare item?

He’ll send you a PM :sunglasses:

I’ve PM’d you the code. Enjoy!

I still have my to redeem. I also don’t like the idea of installing uPlay. :confused:

I’d love a beta key for this if anyone else has one to spare. Uplay is a nuisance, but I deal with it, I’m in the UK and am currently 19.

I dunno if you would get the key right away, but registrations are still up.


I’ll go sign up. ^^

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Shameless promotion about a thread on another forum dedicated for R6S keys.