Original toilet that came with condo in the past is in eletronics shop

Original title : Original toilet that came with the condo disappeared

Just noticed this now becuase i usally dont go to that area, it’s is not even on my inventory, is there a way i could reset the condo or something ? Only toilet i have is the one i bought in plaza

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They removed it from the condo by default because it can now be purchased. You no longer have a fridge by default either
Unless you mean the one you purchased. If that’s the case, hold c and go to the item finder. Find the toilet on the list and press stash

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i saw people with the original toilet in their condos where can you buy it i only saw the full white one

i don’t think there’s one other than the one you get from robs imports. Are you sure they didn’t just change the lighting in the room?

This one is the one im talking about
i only have the one i bought at rob’s imports

when was this taken? are you sure this picture isn’t just from before they removed it?

just take the pic rigth now from mikusch’s condo

It’s in the electronics shop for some reason. Huh, never knew

ok then, problem solved

Just to sum this up, there are 2 toilets available for purchase. One at Rob’s imports and the other one at Central Circuit. And both look quite different from each other.
Did I get that right?

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yes but now the thing is why would you sell a toilet at a eletronics store, i tought that toilet disappeared from my condo because i couldn’t find it on condo ( because it now is purchasable) and in any of the obvious stores to find it like robs imports or furniture store.

PS: If the toilet in the circuit central was just for the lol’s i’m ok with it. I was just confused.

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I have no idea. Simply doesn’t make sense.

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The toilet is in the electronics store because it is utility. The stove and refrigerator are also in Central Circuit.

From that perspective it makes more sense, I will just wait for an official response.

Yeah, it’s a utility. I couldn’t find a better place for it.

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