Ordering Online

I think what people would love is a reality game, and my suggestion is that we could order online and see the delivery when it arrives. Your thinking why should we add something that you could get straight away, well i think it would be so cool if you order stuff and tells you when it arrives so it would be more common sense and more realistic. So PixelTail Games Please add this into the game, it will be worth it. Thanks for reading :grin:

If you are talking about buying in-game items online, then that is already a thing. It’s called Tower Express. You can buy and sell items on it.


yes i know about that but im saying it would be more realistic if you can order from the computer and wait until delivery i think that would be a good idea

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but, what. i’m almost 99% convinced this is a shitpost, how would it be a better way of receiving the items you order than just, having them show up in your inventory, i mean there could be some kind of indicator that you ordered items from tower express??? i guess??? but i don’t think waiting for items that should be given to you instantly is a good idea


waiting to deliever your items you were ordering would be incredible annoying, especially for those who spends alot of time building in their condos, either decorating or full on building, it would discourage players to decorate/build stuff, so i rather not see it happening.

plus this game is no near realistic so…


This was actually something we considered originally. We were gonna have it so if you ordered on Tower Express it would deliver a box with all your items in it. We ruled it out cause of technical issues, but I still enjoy the idea honestly.


To add on to this as well, the compromise we made was that we’ll do deliveries instantly on Tower Express, but when the Plaza Store Sales system is implemented, Tower Express won’t participate in the sales.


it would be great to have items delivered to your condo and see when it arrives. and if you dont want to wait you can go to the store and get it. i recommend it and i think people would love the idea.

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well it can be thats why im here to change that so it would be realistic and if you think its annoying then you can go to the store and get it yourself.

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Yeah, but then you would lose all of the players in your condo if you go to the plaza. It would be really annoying having the choice to either wait a while, or lose all the players in your condo. One of the main differences between the plaza and Tower Express is that Tower Express will not participate in the store sale events in the future.

Also, I’m not sure how great this would be on steams end. The items are stored in your steam inventory. So the items would have to be on some sort of timer to be added to your inventory and some sort of mess can arouse from that.




“go to the store and buy it yourself” is not only way more annoying but plain ignorant.

most players who are working on condos rarely go to the plaza and buy furnitures back and forth, is just time consuming and not worth the hassle, tower express exist for that exact reason alone.