[Options Menu] Change "Disable Chat/Swear Filter" to "Enable Chat/Swear Filter"


This is just a little inconsistency that’s been lightly bugging me about the options menu. For almost any toggle, it’s either “X” or “Enable X” where X is the option. Then, you can set the toggle to “On” or “Off.” The only case where this is not true are for Chat and the Swear Filter (Content -> Communications). These are labelled as “Disable Chat” and “Disable Swear Filter” with the same On/Off options as other toggles. At a glance, it can be kind of confusing, as setting the Chat option to “Off” sets chat to on and vice versa. Similarly, setting the Swear Filter option to “Off” turns the swear filter on.

While taking everything in context makes sense (we’re turning off the option to disable chat), it can still be a bit confusing. I feel like the better option would be to invert these options such that they read Enable Chat and Enable Swear Filter. That way, on means on and off means off; you wouldn’t have to reverse the meaning in your head when dealing with these options.



I agree. This change has been made.



In my opinion, we might as well not mention “enable/disable” at all, as the “on/off” button already signifies if it is enabled or disabled.