(Optional) Buyable/Sellable Rewards

This is a super old idea I wanted to suggest way back in GMT but for some reason never did. Give us the ability to buy and sell specifically “Placeable” rewards This will affect upcoming achievement/milestone rewards, gmt rewards, legacy donor rewards and backer rewards. This is alittle weird to explain so here’s some Q&A’s.

This is quite a unusual change, why?
Simply so players can buy more than one of a reward item they’ve unlocked. I know back in GMT I wish I had the ability to stock up on ballrace bumpers to actually do something creative with it, however everyone was locked to one. This idea removes that lock.

Well then who should resell these items?
Making a unique store specifically for this would be really unnecessary, so if I had to pick anyone I say The Stray would be the best option. Mysterious shop that’s out of the way. (Plus that shop reeeally needs more items.)

Does this mean unobtainable items will appear in stores for newer players?
I’d prefer to have the GMT Rewards, Legacy Donor Rewards and Backer Rewards completely hidden and only available to players that have access to them to avoid upsetting newer players. Achievement items however can be viewed and are grayed out in the store until the achievement/milestone is unlocked. Attempting to buy it without it unlocked could lead to the Stray telling you that you need a certain achievement or showing you your achievement progress.

Does this mean after I get an achievement I then also have to buy it in a store?
NO! You’ll still get the reward for free! Buying extras is completely optional.

I definitely support the idea of being able to acquire multiple milestone rewards that could benefit from having more than one, like placeable furniture/items.

If this did happen I think the Upgrades store would probably be an appropriate place to sell duplicate milestone rewards because its already going to have sections dedicated to the game worlds.


Instead of buying them over and over, I’d rather just be able to place them down over and over again, that way we don’t have the trouble of having a store with just achievement items, or having to explain to people what the store does, or why you can’t buy them outright. I just feel that having an “infinite amount” of that item circumvents lots of potential misunderstandings.


I was also thinking of this pretty much right after I posted a thread, this would be a nicer (if not better) alternative.

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