Optional Accessory Bones for Workshop Rig that Hide Themselves

I was recently thinking of creating a custom model for the workshop of a character that has somewhat wild hair. That gave me an idea: what if there was a “hat” bone that I could parent the top of the hair to that would then hide itself upon me putting on a hat in game. That way you can make the hat fit on the character as if it’s wearing it, and then the model doesn’t look strange with no hat. It could even be extended to other areas, like a jacket that hides itself upon equipping a backpack item, or a mask that hides itself when equipping glasses. It’s not an idea I think is very imperative as we’re getting along fine without it, but I figured it was interesting enough to at least bring up.

it would make me a bit annoyed at times when I for example would want to wear the hat but without the hair disappearing