Option whether your minigolf server makes you hurry up or not

Don’t u hate it when you are playing a private game with your 3 or more friends and it keeps asking you to hurry up when the rest scored, even though no one in the server is in a rush.

Would be a great edition to just add a tickable option when you are making the server.


This is a feature because, unfortunately, some people are assholes. They could just go AFK and stop the whole game. There is no kicking on game world servers to avoid abuse also. Maybe there could be a mutator called “Take your time” or whatever where the time limit was increased.


I’m sure they know why it exists, but I can definitely see where they’re coming from. I’ve played with a group of 5 people before, and some people almost timed out because of it.

I would definitely like to see something like this in the future.

Its not to completely disable the feature, but to give an option for some to turn it off.

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This is a great idea for private games between friends. Make it where the host can turn it on/off whenever they want. Maybe have it in the code to where it knows you set the game to “friends only”, making it so that’s the only way a host has this ability.