Option to Turn Off Workshop in Specific Gameworlds

It’d be helpful if we could disable workshop models in specific Gameworlds rather than all of them. There’s people who don’t want to see workshop models in Virus, but do want to see them in Ball Race or ZM.

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It’s an easy solution. When you start hosting there should be a button that says: Allow Workshop Playermodels [YES/NO]

every player should be asked individually imo


Yes we need this or something like this

It’d be interesting if there were default Virus playermodels (For example a millitary/swat/survivor model) if custom playermodels were to be turned off. Something that fit the theme of the game. Virus playermodels have been causing trouble since the game started, it’d be great to at least have the option to have a default player model and even better if the that default fit the theme of the game (Like how the knights in Little Crusaders fit with the theme).


Yes please