Option to teleport to RC vehicle

I like that some of the RC vehicles can have passengers in them. But when you drop them off somewhere you cant get out with them, since you go back to your original position instead. It makes sense in the context of it being an RC vehicle, but when you’re driving around with friends it’s kinda inconvenient.

So why not have a separate keybind that teleports you to your vehicle when you leave it? It’d be easier to stay with your friends, and would be a fun way to travel around the plaza.

On the other hand, I know actual vehicles are going to be a thing - such as the boat rentals and the scooter. Are those going to allow for multiple passengers? If so, then this suggestion might be irrelevant.

I had a similar suggestion where it would drop you off at whatever location you stop driving at when in “self mode”. The thing about having it always drop you off even with other passengers are riding is that people wouldn’t always want to be dropped off as the host