Option To Enable Physics For Placed Items

i have no clue if this is even possible since i can imagine there would be some issues with useable items or items with effects etc but… i think it’d be super cool if we could turn any item into a “physics item” like the metal melon, workshop physics item, etc

you could right click on an item, and in the popup menu you could click “Enable Physics” similar to how you’d disable collisions and it would fall to the ground and collide with it , then you could pick it up and do whatever with it

i primarily suggested this because with vr support in active development , i’d think it’d be really great if we could pick up items and move them around and have them interact with the world while also having this functionality for desktop players

This was planned eons ago iirc. Originally the Copycat would’ve allowed players to turn normal items into physics items.
It may have been one of those features they really wanted to do, delayed (to get the Condo Tools out), and then got lost along the way (Canvas Comments, all those Backburner items, etc).

But yeah, this isn’t too useful for non-VR but it would greatly expand VR. Also the inverse (making Physics items static) would be nice.

oh whaaat? i had no idea… super cool!

I may be getting some wires crossed, so don’t completely trust me there.

But I believe after the Copycat was first implemented there were two extra tools planned that were dropped, one that’d let you group items together (I think it was meant to be like Gmod Dupes) and a Physics-Blaster (which was separated from the Copycat I think?).

One of the main issues with this is an Unreal bug where we can’t assign specific components to simulate physics and network properly. I believe they have a solution now, but in previous versions of unreal it was not possible. It’s hard to describe.

For physics to work on objects in Unreal the root component needs to be the model that represents the physics collisions. Currently, most our items do not do this and instead are inside another component so we can just scaling per model inside the item. The solution they offer is that you can assign which component should represent the physics.