Option to Disable Smooth Dirt Platform & Grass As a Map Object

smooth dirt is my favorite condo, but i wish there was a way to get rid of the platform and the grass (separately) by disabling them as you would a map object

one issue i have with the platform is that placing objects on it sets the z value at a very weird “112.470291” and “100” if you place them on the grass which … can make building a little annoying if you rely on coordinates

but the main issue i have with the dirt and the platform is their collision , you can set them invisible if you don’t want to see them but there is still the obvious glaring issue that they both have collision . the platform for example, if you want to just build on the dirt and have no platform you’ll run into issues , as i stated before "it sets the z value at a very weird “112.470291"” and you’ll encounter a very obvious height difference when walking from the grass to the platform

another example for the dirt, if you want to build downwards you’ll have to build your condo thousands of units in the sky because you cannot go downwards with the dirt in your way… by simply removing the dirt this could entirely negate having to put your condo in the sky

by just having the option to remove the dirt and/or platform it could make building much more simpler for a condo that is effectively meant to be a blank canvas , and it’s something i would really like to see!!

On a similar note, how viable is using geometry shaders in order to be able to carve holes?


i think a better solution would be if we could disable/enable collisions on any wall anywhere, would really help with building custom rooms in condos


i was thinking about that but the floor could get in the way of you selecting stuff if you couldn’t outright remove it (& i think it would also block you from placing items through them?)

for other condos and such though, absolutely