Optimzing the game

Please PixelTail Can you Optimize the game Because it’s Really hard to play with 25 fps, I am supposed to run it atleast on low But it’s not working when i bought the game, Please Optimize it As fast as you can.

We are constantly optimizing the game as much as we can throughout patches. Due to the fact that we are an Early Access game and constantly in development, there might be some performance fluctuation between updates, but we are constantly optimizing as we go.

Optimization is not an instant button click and will take time to do.


Says who? Where did you come to that conclusion? For one, for the thousandth time, listing your system specs will help pinpoint where you should be.

What does that even mean…?

I think I remembered when a video was uploaded here and it was a fake instant optimization button… Now only if it were a real button…


I think he’s saying that his pc could handle playing it on low, but it didn’t and that he hasn’t been able to play it from when he bought it.

Oh it’s such a hard life. Try 2-5fps after the casino update

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Thanks for replaying Atleast i know that you actully do something i really apreaciate it