I love Tower Unite but a big downside is that it’s pretty laggy and my FPS drops so quickly when I play it, even when all of my graphics are on low. Will the developers think about optimizing the game? I think a lot more people would consider playing the game if it ran a lot smoother.

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We have been optimizing every single update. Our latest update we did numerous optimizations:

What are your computer specs, do they meet the minimum requirements or surpass it?


What is your system hardware? I have an R9 290 4GB and can usually maintain 50-60fps on a mix of High/Ultra settings. They say it’s more CPU intensive, however, but I can play other Unreal4 games buttery smooth with my i5-6600k so it’s just gonna take time to get everything ironed out. There’s alot of complex systems baked in here, so I ain’t even mad.

Not home at the moment but I have checked in with my friends who also play Tower Unite and they’ve told me that even their one thousand dollar pc/laptop still drops FPS when playing it. Will install it on my PC since I am currently playing it on a laptop, and I will see how it goes!

I feel like the last update made a massive improvement to load times. It currently takes me 10 seconds to load into the Plaza from a fresh boot on my PC. After that it takes only 3 seconds, and the stuttering when level streaming is almost non-existent for me now (no stuttering when leaving the transit for the first time or flying to the top of the tower).

Tower Unite is stored on my SSD and my PC has an i7 3770k 3.50ghz, Asus Strix GTX970 4GB(3.5),16GB ram.

Edit: Forgot to note that my FPS is always 60FPS due to V-Sync being enabled to stop screen tearing on my TV, but when i disable it, it’s always above 75.

Paying for an overpriced Laptop/PC doesn’t make it a gaming PC. The specs of the Laptop/PC are always more important than the price of it.

Lol yes I know it’s the PC’s specs that is what should be taken into consideration… but assuming that my friends did pay and have decent to high performance pc, I don’t understand why they still lag. What are the minimum spec required for Tower Unite?

Unreal 4 is a very demanding engine and still has a lot of optimization patches that are needed. As newer versions of Unreal 4 come out, you may see an increase in performance. There isn’t that much the developers of Tower Unite can do to decrease the load the game’s engine uses.

Here’s the minimum and recommended requirements to play the game. Note that meeting the minimum or recommended requirements does not always mean you can play on max settings. Sometimes you may have to drop to lower graphical settings.

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I had this same problem, too, even though my specs exceed even the recommended. Finally bought an SSD today and the game runs much better but it’s still a bit laggy even on an SSD.


CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz
RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz
GPU: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (EVGA)

I get noticeably better load times but I still experience the stuttering at the transit station and other parts of the Plaza…