Is Tower Unite going to be optimized more? Currently, on my computer which is fairly high end (870M and 4.5ghz Intel i7) I can only run the game at low settings without getting terrible frames, and even then it seems a little bit sketchy sometimes. I don’t want to have to play with 10 frames on low settings, meanwhile I can run crysis just fine. Is there any help for me?

EDIT: This is probably because I had another game running in the background, but my question still remains

Its probably the other game in the background.

With my GTX 980 and i5-3570K (3.8GHZ), I was easily able to sustain 100+ FPS at Max Settings.

Same card as Caboose, i7-3770.
Same framerate as Caboose, except after playing for like a half hour the framerate dips sub 30.

Yes, Definitely
We’ve mostly been focusing on getting the game up and running, we’re not in the optimization phase yet.

Very glad to hear this @Zak