Optimization: disabling/minimizing reflections?

This might be a stupid question, but

  1. might it be possible (does the engine allow for it) for one of the optimization options in graphics settings to be to minimize (grey shape only) or disable reflections? Possible with the following settings
    ---- enable all (self-explanatory)
    ---- minimal (mirrors work, other surfaces are just a blurry/grey shape)
    — mirrors only (only actual mirrors like those in the bathroom reflect)
    – none (disable all reflections; all surfaces are treated as matte and non-reflective. mirrors become a solid grey)

  2. would this improve performance as much as I might hope

  3. if yes to all the above, would it be feasible to implement at this point in development?

Reflections for surfaces in Unreal are extremely cheap due to the way they do their reflections.

The mirrors are different, those are costly no matter what. We could add a setting for the mirrors.