Open Trivia DB Update [February 15th, 2017]

Hello everyone!

There has been a new update to the Open Trivia Database. Trivia questions now require sources to be provided as proof behind the trivia question’s answers. This proof is required, and will help speed up the submission of trivia questions.

If you currently have questions waiting to be verified, you can go to the Edit Unverified Questions area and added sources, and this can help speed up the verification of your question.

We’ve also recently hit 2,000 verified questions on the database. Thanks for all your submissions, and we hope to increase the counter in the future. Couldn’t have gotten this far without your submitted content.



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wow, awesome

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Thanks, this should improve the quality of the trivia questions! I’ve gone ahead and given sources to my unverified questions (3278 and 3279). What kind of sources would be needed for geographical questions such as “what country does oman not border”, do you just say “a globe” or do you even need a source for that?

A link to a map showing the countries around oman would be a start.


Is this only for faster Factchecking or can we add Sources to verified Questions for cases of doubtful players?

Do you feel like Wikipedia is an acceptable Source beyond getting an idea of the truth?

I’d suggest automatically converting simple Wikipedia links to the current article version if that’s easily doable… am I taking this too serious? I think I’m overthinking this.

Faster fact checking. This is entirely to make things faster for question verification.

Yes. Wikipedia articles will be scrutinized as with any source, but it’s a better start then having no information to go off of at all.

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