Open Trivia App

Hi all, I am learning a new framework (Vue) and I always love to make a test app that has some real world application. I came across the Open Trivia API (love it btw) and made a little quiz application:

I would love to know what folks think and whether I should make this a mobile application.


Source code here for those curious:


Pretty neat. I like it. Would definitely love to see a mobile app

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+1 for mobile app

Sounds like a great idea for a mobile app. I did a quick search on the Google Play store and did find one that used the Open Trivia database, but it would consistantly crash whenever you tried to begin, so if you can make it actually run, then you’ve got a winner lol.

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Oh, interesting. I looked once before and didn’t see anything. What’s it called? Just wanna see, out of curiosity.

Right here.

It’s a relatively recent app. Just couldn’t actually get it to fetch me questions without crashing, and I’m running it on an S9.

Yep. Just tried it and it crashed every time I hit start.

Ok, cool App incoming. Watch this space.