Open Exit Point(s) When 1 Survivor is Left

Mac has mentioned a few times on the TU discord that he wants to add exit doors for survivors that open up near the end of every round, which I think is a very cool idea, but I also wanted to suggest another feature related to the exit doors for when/if they get added.

I think it would be really nice if, when there’s only one survivor remaining, the doors will open up regardless of how much time is left. I think it would make surviving as the last survivor feel a lot more manageable, as rather than having to survive for a long time while having several infected running at you from all directions, you just have to reach an exit before you get caught.

While this sounds cool, there should be a way for survivors to deal with the inevitable wall of infected that would form at the exit points, particularly for the last survivor.


Good thinking- maybe 2 exits on opposite sides of the map? Or somehow make it so there are a bunch of locations the exit CAN spawn, the survivor(s) get a compass to it on their radar, and the infected can’t see it?


I like the idea of having multiple possible spawns. This way an experienced survivor can be prepared without the issue of some sort of boring, camping strat from either the infected or the survivor. I would love creative ways out for various maps assuming it doesn’t stir up too much trouble. (ex. airlock in Solar, various doors out of the building in Overtime, etc.)

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