Open/close all doors in condo

I find it kinda annoying when people leave doors open in condos after going through them.
It would be nice if we could open/close all of the doors in the condo in the ‘C’ menu (if one door is open and one is closed, then it would make both doors closed or both doors open and not flip them back and forth).

This will probably be a thing when CondoIO comes out.
Would be nice though. Darn kids leaving doors open and such.


Isn’t it CondOS?

Yeah probably
I forgot the name

I think it’s CodnoI/O.

CondOS is the possible tablet thing that does what the C menu currently does but in the world. It’s still unconfirmed, but it’s a highly requested feature.

Condo I/O is an upcoming tool for many condo items. This lets you link items like buttons to other items like doors. We don’t know how powerful the tools will be or how many item outputs can be linked to one item input, but it’s safe to say that, at the very least, you’ll be able to push a button to open and close a door.

This suggestion could really go in either spot, as it’s technically a management option but could also be done using the I/O tools (even if it means storing a thousand buttons in a single room to control all doors individually).

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Guess I mean Condo I/O then