One Year Ago

Almost one year ago on the dot, Tower Unite looked like this.

Well, until you typed this.

This was one of the very first builds of Tower compiled by @Zak.

We’ve come a little far, I suppose.


At the beggining, there was nothing, then the Big Budget created the models, the textures, the post prossessing and the sprites, creating the Tower Universe

(should write this up in History books)


And on the first day
Zac proclaimed

and he said it was good


Then Macdguy climbed the tower and told the steam god his 10 commandments:
-one time payment 15$


How times have changed…

Can this be in the final map somewhere?

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You guys have made so much progress. Simply a great year!

“Zak told unto Foohy ‘Though shalt make a server and fill it with two of every entity.’ For the world had become corrupt with bugs. After Foohy had done as Zak had commanded, the skybox opened up as catsacks poured forth and crashed the lobby.” -Robiddicus 4:20


Remember the Player Testimonials? The day Rob came out from the shadows?

“On the faithful day, [the man] stood up to meet and please everyone… He has been and is still praised today for his talent of social skills…” Fo 2:56

“Hi I Rob and I think everyone is gorgeous and acts smart and all that good stuff…” Fo 6:69

Holy crap, has it been almost a year now? Woaahhh