One way door

I needed a one way door for my condo. So after some designs I came up with this:

And if you want you can build a platforms underneath the ground with noclip and put the fan on there, that way the fan is lower so people with tiny potions can’t go under the fan


that’s actually pretty smart


Now I can see people making 1 way mazes with this technic.

I guess that’s one way of doing it. :smirk:

But seriously, that’s actually ingenious. How long did it take you to come up with the design?

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Not that long, my first idea was using the trophy case because the back of it isn’t solid but that didn’t work out well.

I fucking love this, great work!!!
Only issue i can think of is that people would small potion and jetpack out, i wonder if it’d still work if there were 2 more fans stuck ontop of that fan?

I can already tell from your youtube you could potentially make some great stuff for this game :smiley:

I hope soon they’ll add basic tools like boosts and teleports so players wont have to try come up with stuff like this.

EDIT : Just realized i think this might not work because fans are really inconsistent from host to person joining online, what may boost you back a lot as host may not boost someone back with 50+ ping much at all.

EDIT 2 : I tested your idea on my condo and it works pretty well, I tried with 3 stacked together but noticed you can still get around it if you spam crouch.

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I haven’t tried it yet but you can probably place the fan underneath the ground with no lip and just make the trance smaller so only people with tiny potions can go trough. And because you’re tiny you can’t become any smaller so you won’t be able to fit under it

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You know, this is pretty cool. I’d like to see one-way doors actually implemented as a buyable item as well! Like @Inferno_Shadowclaw said, mazes could be easily built with this.

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